Starting as the tourist

When you are a tourist you view is very different. The moment you become an inhabitant a real New Yorker you view changes dramatically. It’s not always a negative thing, again don’t get me wrong on this but your view just changes.

You want to focus on the most important things and only go straight to the point. Back in my home country when we go out to dinner we could talk with the helps and waiters, it’s always a happening. But here in NYC time is so much of value that you have to make sure the helps are trying to get rid of you really fast to get your tip and they’ll be off to the next client. It’s fast and fake in my eyes.

That’s why I’m already focusing on these parts as a tourist. I want to see if they treat their market differently. My background is in the restaurant business and my dream is start a restaurant here and provide the guests with great food, both local market as touristic market. But my entry is a little bit different. Many restaurants here don’t spend much on maintenance and want everything done as fast and cheap as possible.

Who better to help them with these services than me. The Latino Kitchen guy.