Coming to NYC

The beginning was rough. It was something totally different than I expected. Of course I was familiar with the city only through movies, TV shows and music. However really going here was different and I knew I had to watch documentaries more often instead of movies. That is one of the best lessons I could give.

Life is harsh and in the end you will become harsh as well, otherwise it’s true but you don’t survive. Life can be a little painful as well as everything here is linked to money. In general time is money, instead of time is life. And that for me is a bit painful.

The country itself is quite beautiful, and don’t get me wrong I am starting to understand why so many people tend to go here in on a holiday and want to capture their American Dream to ultimately start to live here. The downside however is, is that you are always fighting for your little piece of money. Competition is fierce and there is no turning back the moment you entered the ring. And that is a good thing, it creates opportunities and innovations.