Dairy Queen hopes to share happiness with its customers

In strengthening its position in the Quick Serve Restaurant segment, Dairy Queen officially announced the Red Spoon campaign as an icon and slogan of Better With Every Bite. The new icons and slogans demonstrate the dynamic personification of Dairy Queen brands by favoring innovation and creative processes in every service and product offered to its customers. The slogan titled Better With Every Bite is to compensate for a new icon (Red Spoon), describing something that goes into the mouth. It is more to emotional engagement with the customer. Present since 2004 ago, Dairy Queen has grown and offers a variety of DQ Breakfast Menu such as Blizzard, Moolatte, Orange Julius, Fresh Juice, and Hotdog.

Among it all, one of the most desirable signature product is Blizzard, which is Vanilla soft served with mix-in ingredients such as oreo or other ingredients. The presentation of these easy-to-serve foods and beverages was initially targeted at the dynamic youth market. The target is 16 to 19 years and 20 to 30 years. Teenagers and young adult. But the realization in the field more broadly. Depends the mall as well. By providing a variety of comfort food and using slogans that have an attachment to loyal customers, Dairy Queen hopes to share happiness with its customers. And there’s always a sweet story from the experience with Dairy Queen.