How to distinguish the type of dangerous Snake

You should know that poisonous and non-venomous snakes can be distinguished physically. Not only physical features, even many sides that can be used to see the snake is dangerous or not, especially if you want to maintain it at home. The first thing you should notice is the food. Well one of the best snake food you can get at Apart from that, here’s a review of dangerous and harmless snakes!

1. Aggressive snake is not poisonous
Mostly, aggressive snakes tend not to be poisonous. They are just scaring or just hanging on when they feel annoyed. That’s their way to drive away predators.

2. No need to twist
If it is a poisonous snake, it is not necessary to convolve to kill its prey. Because with just one bite, the prey will lie helpless and even die. Therefore, the snakes that do not have can tend to twist the prey to death.

3. Head shape
The shape of a non-venomous snake head is usually oval like an egg. As for the poisonous snakes, they have a triangular head shape.