Don’t ignore these small causes of punctures in your tires

A tire of a car leak is certainly very annoying, especially if the condition is visible in the morning when about to leave the movement. Even if forced roads with wind pressure less obvious effects are many. Like the work of the machine so heavier and gasoline so wasteful. Your driving comfort is distracted. Kempisnya front tire gives the steering effect becomes heavy. The most severe unwittingly hit the hole causing the rim to be dented. What causes a smooth round leaky rubber? Meanwhile, you can also visit us at Roxy’s car alignment website if you want to get a great service for your tires.


Small rocks that slip in the tire cavities can be one cause. Because of constantly getting a burden when the road car directly pierced the tire.

If you see a stone, just gouge.

But avoid gouging with sharp objects because it can pierce the tires if not careful.

Condition of tires

Tire conditions can also be a trigger. Kembangan tires are too thin or thread and steel fibers look very likely to occur smooth leak.

Especially if the tire is often over the rocks.

It is not impossible that the trampled rock has a sharp side and injure the already thin tires.