Guide to Run a Coconut Diet to Lose Weight

The benefits of coconut for diet and lowering body weight have, in fact, been studied and recognized in an article published in the Journal of Ceylon Medical in 2006. The content says that coconuts are processed into oils, rich in middle chain triglycerides (fats that promote weight loss ), and will encourage metabolism in the body if the routine is consumed. If you want more practical, you can visit our website to get the quickest working diet pills in 2018.

What are the benefits of coconut to diet?

1. Increase body metabolism

In addition to helping to increase the body’s metabolism, coconut that is processed into oil can reduce the effective hunger on the body, compared with other types of oil. That way, the caloric intake the body needs so not too much. As a result, in addition to losing weight, the fat contained in raw coconut is also useful to raise the weight in a healthy manner. Along with the benefits of coconut for diet, eating the flesh alone can provide good properties for digestion. Why is good for digestion? In the coconut, there is much high fiber content that makes digestion can continue to process food and energize optimally.

2. Coconut fruit as a good source of fiber

When compared to fiber sources such as wheat, in fact, more fiber is found in coconuts. At least, there are about 5 grams of fiber in 2 tablespoons of coconut meat. Meanwhile, the coconut is processed into flour, on a small package there are about 7 grams of fiber, and in half a cup of coconut meat, there are 10 grams of fiber. Different yes, if you compare with coconut oil, of course, there is no fiber in the source of medium chain fat triglyceride.

From the first stage to the end of the coconut diet, it will last for a period of a month. Everyday, you can divide the obligatory meals 3 times a day, and 2 times a light meal. Use coconut meat or oil, as one of your food ingredients. Prohibition, avoid fruit, grains, and sugar intake, its function to help regulate blood sugar to lose weight. Do not forget also, to spend 15 minutes doing sports, for maximum diet results.