Simple Innovation for Easier Life

In the last decade or so, you may be familiar with sophisticated robots that can perform various household chores. Although never seen it directly, the news about these robots must have been seen on the internet, TV, or print media.

But the name of innovation is not always complicated and sophisticated as the robots. Many are also simple tools that are innovative and can make daily housework more practical and easy. Here are some examples of simple innovations that can make the various activities lighter and not complicated.

– Foldable Casks

This one basket is made of durable plastic and can be folded when not in use. That way, you can save by tucking it next to the washing machine. This basket also has a bag to put detergent and fabric softener. The idea is simple, but effective to improve the tidiness of your laundry room.

– Knife Staser Drawer

To avoid all the bad possibilities due to the missing knife, this one knife drawer is very simple, but effective. Unlike the ordinary drawer, it is right on the underside of the wall cabinet, making it safe from the reach of children.