Public Transportation In Tangerang Selatan

The cause of this bottleneck is not only the problem of increasing population density. Inadequate facilities and transportation utilities are also one of the causes. Indonesian people are very dependent on the use of private vehicles. Indonesians generally prefer to travel in private vehicles rather than using public transport or on foot. Likewise, that happened in South Tangerang City. Have you ever thought about what a beautiful city Tangerang Selatan if the local community can contribute to reducing congestion by empowering the use of public vehicles and on foot? To know the development of public transportation in the city of South Tangerang, you can find out through

It also reduces air pollution due to the pollution generated by the vehicle. In South Tangerang City itself already there is one embodiment of it, that is with the Anggrek Bus that operates every day from the Office of the Mayor of South Tangerang. Orchid Bus Service is to be able to facilitate residents of South Tangerang City in moving from one place to another without having to use a private vehicle. People are quite interested in the existence of this Anggrek Bus.