History of Vending Machine

Vending machine is a machine or alayt shaped like atm machine or glass refrigerator that serves to sell snacks or drinks automatically without any cashier or operator. So if you want to buy canned drinks or maybe newspapers on this machine, you just need to enter some money only. Usually vending machines are placed in public places such as hospitals, stations, airports or supermarkets.

Vending machines have been in Europe for hundreds of years. In the UK alone vending machine has been around since the mid-19th century created by Simeon Denham from Yorkshire, England. However, his machine is limited to selling stamps. Then began to appear other vending machines such as booksellers, magazines and newspapers. Since then, vending machines have continued to expand to other countries. After venturing into the United States, Australia and Japan, then came the vending machine that sells snacks and drinks as they are today. Even Japan created various types of unique vending machines.