The Shock!

Vert shock review of how to achieve your maximum jump height in the fastest and safest way. What is vert Shock? It is a jumping program founded by Adam Folker and Justin “Jusfly” Darlington. Both are known for their remarkable achievement in basketball. Vert Shock program focus on developing and training nervous system, focusing in fast twitch fibers called Type II B fibers. This fiber is the main key to achieve a maximum vertical jump level. It is increasing your quality of vertical jump and if you are a basketball player, this will increase your score in the games. These programs have more benefit than the usual jumping program. It is more effective and the result can be seen in a short time. Vert Shock program safe from all age range, even your children can try this too!

However only sit and reading the program does not improve your jump skill. You need to move your body and follow the program phase. You do not need to buy specific sports equipment nor think hard about doing program exercise. Such an easy program is not it? So since it is easy, how many phases do I need to follow so I can see the result? Vert Shock program consists of three phase. The total program last for eight weeks or two months. Each phase has a different time range completion. The first level is the pre-shock phase, it takes about a week focusing to prepare the body for the shock phase. Next level is shocking phase takes about six weeks exercise focusing on training the nervous system to achieve maximum jumping height. The last level is the post-shock phase, this program will take about a week focusing to cement all the exercise into the muscle memory. The result can already be seen in the pre-shock phase (seven days program workout). In this phase, your vertical jump will increase around 3 to 5 inches. Completing the program will increase your vertical jump around 9 to 15 inches. Two months and you will gain 9 to 15 inches jump improvement! Many people already prove this program now it is your turn. Get your shocking jump with vert shock!